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Sea Shepherd Activities Suspend Japanese Whaling

As of February 10th, 2011, Japan has suspended its annual Antarctic whaling due to what Japanese fishery agency official Tatsuya Nakaoku called persistent and “violent” disruptions by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

He followed this statement by saying that none of the “attacks” have injured any people nor have they done any major damage to any ships other than getting a rope entangled in one of the ships propellers.He also poured fuel on the fire by calling what they do in Antarctica a “whaling research operation”.

These supposed scientific whale hunts that happen annually have been allowed to continue by the International Whaling Commission other than during the 1986 ban.

Is it just me or does anyone else see more than one thing wrong with this picture?

  1. Annual Antarctic whale hunts for the purpose of scientific research? Ok…what exactly are they researching that they have to kill countless whales on an annual basis? Surely, there is another way of performing their research other than the wholesale slaughter of whales….hmmm, you don’t think they are using the guise of research to hide something…nah, couldn’t be.
  2. “Violent attacks”? Nobody injured…no major damage to ships…perhaps they had to clean up a generous amount of rancid butter that the Sea Shepherd hurled onto the ships, but hey…if you need a tissue for that, they are on sale at Walmart.
  3. The International Whaling Commission allows this to happen? C’mon…does this surprise anyone? They are the International Whaling Commission, not the International Whale Conservatory.
  4. Japan suspends the hunt? They have every intention to continue. Perhaps, they would like to turn it into an international affair to pressure the Sea Shepherd to back down.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not afraid to be voice that I am an active vocal supporter of Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Perhaps, if we as a human race would first look to the Earth and all of its wildlife as a beautiful wonder to live in harmony with instead of ripping it apart and selling it for a profit, it would be a different world. This is, however, the world we live in and we must come together to change what is being done.

Thank you Mr. Watson.


—— Erik Sudberg



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