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Kahn & Selesnick: Modern Art through the Eyes of the Ancient Mystic


Richard Selesnick & Nicholas Kahn - photo by Kisa Lala 2011


Every once in a while, if you look close enough, you come across artists that are doing something very different from the remainder of the pack. They feel like a breath of fresh air in that they seem to be expressing something that you have been unable to put into words or pictures. Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick are two of those artists joined as a team.

Now, this article is not meant to be a showcase of their art. Their art speaks for itself (www.kahnselesnick.com). I wanted to write this article because their art struck a chord within me that I have not felt in quite a while.

I am a spiritual practitioner. My spirituality is a part of every minute of my life. For those of you who hold similar paths, you will understand when I say that quite often we come into contact with people who do not have a fully formulated spiritual practice or purpose. They seem to live only within the circumstance of this reality. So, you go day-to-day sometimes feeling a little isolated in this regard or you say to yourself, “Only if they knew what I knew…(sigh) one day they will.” . Of course, the nature of my work brings me in contact with many wonderful spiritual souls. This tends to soften the contrast mentioned above.

What does all of this have to do with Art and the art of Kahn & Selesnick? For me, their art melds modern art with the eye of the ancient mystic. Read a little about them and you will see their spiritual influences that include practices such as shamanism and other ancient mystic practices.

Their art brings the spiritual world into this practical reality, jumbles them together and presents it as wonderful pictures. They reach out to another demographic in the world and tell them it is just fine to be spiritual and live within this modern practical reality. Their art instills within me the knowledge that even though many people do not profess to be spiritual in any way, that they can at least, appreciate the feeling and ideals that the practices and their basic meanings produce within them. We all know that there are truly no non-spiritual people out there, only ones who choose not to embrace it as strongly as others. After all, it is their path to walk.

For me, the art of Kahn & Selesnick shows me a totally different level of spirituality in existence. Perhaps, for others it becomes a reminder for all to bring your spirituality into your every day modern life and be whole again.

Thank you Mr. Kahn & Mr. Selesnick.


——- Erik Sudberg





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