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Who to Fire First…Democrats or Republicans?

Democrat…Republican…Democrat…Republican…Four years of testing program after program on the American people who never seem to work out and never implementing any law or order into effect that was as it was truly intended to be. Then, what do we have to look forward to? You guessed it…four more years of ripping apart the previous four years work and implementing program after program…well, you know the ritual. Does anyone out there realize that this constant roller coaster ride is making a few people very, very rich?

Who was it that said we should be excited and happy to vote? Oh, that’s right, I am supposed to use my vote to be able to get these guys out of office. Wait, what are my other choices again? The people who are running only to bring light to a certain issue? The Socialist Party? How about the Independents? What are they about again? I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach.

I am really not looking forward to any upcoming political race to hear these men and women tell everyone what they want to hear, get elected, then not produce. Ever have the feeling that you are not getting anywhere? I have been treading water now for the last two hours and the funny thing is…I’m not getting anywhere.  I am reminded of the saying by Rita Mae Brown (Or was it Benjamin Franklin or Albert Einstein? Nobody seems to know for sure)…”the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. Time to get out of the pool in my mind. Well now, is this not what we as American people are doing? Do we really enjoy being pawns? Well, I don’t like it one bit. Government of the people by the people? When was this? And can Sherman please set the “way-back machine” and take me back to that time? I think the political reality now is more like a government of the Special Interest by the upper five percent that control a majority of the wealth.

What is all this banter going to accomplish? Well, it allows me to let off steam. But wait, what does it actually change about all of this? Right, absolutely nothing. So, what are we going to do about it? Oh, you didn’t think I was going to let all of you off the hook did you? We are all in this mess together.

We all know what is correct and just in this world. We all know that we spend our lives just trying to make ends meet all the time perceiving that we have absolutely no time for things like spiritual pursuits or pursuits of societal change. Ouch, does that mean this is a time management thing? You got that right. Spirituality is not a partial pursuit…it is an all day every day existence. So, wouldn’t you also think that the pursuit of positive societal change which would make everyone’s life better is a noble cause and just as “day-to-day”?

I get it. You do not know how to go about enacting change by yourself. Look at any facet of society that needs assistance (believe me there are many), pick a cause and charge head first into change. That is how change happens…not by sitting on our couches and watching “Man vs. Food” while we complain about the mortgage crisis, the unemployment rate, and the teen suicide rates.

We are the people capable of great and positive change.

We are the people who can make the difference.

We are the people.

Oh, I almost forgot…let’s fire all of them.


——- Erik Sudberg






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I am just a citizen of the world expressing opinions about a world that is in dire need of change.


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