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Sony vs. Hackers: System Compromised


Sony Playstation 3


It appears as though Sony and the hacking community have been engaged in an all out war for a while now.

Hacking group fail0verflow had reverse engineered the system’s keys and George “GeoHot” Hotz published the PS3’s root key. The PSP and Blu-ray root keys have also been found within the PS3.

Sony answered by recognizing the specific hacking activity and banning hackers. As you can imagine, that was short-lived as the hackers not only figured out how to reverse the bans but they also now figured out how to ban other people, all they need to know is the unlucky persons console ID. As failoverflow pointed out…it doesn’t matter, the whole console is compromised. The only way out is to create a different system.

Really now, you would think that Sony would be a little more intelligent about how they engineered their system. Or is it that the hackers are getting smarter? Does this mean that my next door neighbors Roomba is gonna get hacked as well?

Most people would get annoyed at the hackers doing this damage. Actually, I get annoyed at the parent system, in this case Sony. Why? Because they should have protected their investment better and protected all of those people who shelled out stacks of c-notes for the system and games. So, I don’t feel sorry for Sony at all.

One has to wonder what drives the minds of a hacker at times. I remember the days when we used to laugh at the neighbor splicing into cable down the street. Yes, those days are long gone. Undoubtedly, there are many types of hackers out there. Some may be malicious, and some can even now be seen as belonging to the open source community with no true malicious intent.

This brings us to the same understanding of any collective in the world. It is up to the individual what category we fall in, malicious or positive…productive or damaging. The hacking community is no different. I believe there are many positive hackers out there doing good things…pointing out security risks, utilizing open source to create wonderful new sites and opportunities for many people, etc.

So, no matter what collective we belong to (whether it be hackers, corporate programmers, butchers, backers, or candlestick makers), we have to decide where each of us fall…to the positive and productive side…or the malicious and damaging side. One of those paths eventually lead to your own downfall and disappointment. You can decide which one.


—— Erik Sudberg










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2 thoughts on “Sony vs. Hackers: System Compromised

  1. You assume, as most, that hacX3rs are in it for the theft of content….our crime is that of curiosity sir….nothing more. Sony elevates the need for aggressiveness by the heinous crimes, violations of human rights and unlawful aggressive application of a Copyright Law. Sony deserves all they get and more, not for the reasons you state however…just like the majority of consumers, you too are totally blind and ignorant. Better wake up, Sony protects no one but Sony.

    Posted by eric | March 5, 2011, 8:53 pm
    • You assume too much. I agree with you completely Eric. I do not fault the hackers in this case. As far as Sony protecting only Sony…it looks like they are not doing a very good job of that either. I agree with your feelings about Sony. Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

      Posted by thetumultuoustimes | March 7, 2011, 8:24 am

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