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Conspiracy Theory

They are Poisoning our Food!

By now, we have all heard the stories of the Government poisoning our food. Stories have ranged from food coloring being poison to the acceptable amount of insects within a box of cereal…to outright claims of deliberate carcinogens and other nasty things being placed in our food for the purpose of population control. I believe that some of these claims have merit and some are ridiculous. In fact, I believe that the negativity of some of these claims that are untrue are more damaging to society and how people go about their lives.

I am not going to spew out copied government documents showing alleged controlled poisoning of the American public. There is enough of that information swirling around the internet right now. I do believe that we must weed through that information to see what are claims and what is proven before we go assuming anything. On the other hand, I believe some of these claims do have merit. Does this mean that I am going to live my life differently besides bringing those things to light that need to be heard? Nope.

I feel that there are many potential dangers with our food supply. These do not come from Government conspiracy…they come from normal everyday people. They come from lax regulation. Let me give you a real world observation.

Approximately 14 years ago, I worked in a large beef processing plant in the mid-west. I remember it clearly as it was the heat of the summer. For those of you who know a thing or two about meat processing plants, you know that the plant is divided into two sections. On one side, what they call the “kill floor” and on the other the processing side. For the short time I worked there (two weeks…I just couldn’t do it), I walked into work every day with all of my proper attire on. As I said it was summer and a hot one at that. As you strolled into work, you noticed that the closer you got to the entrance, the more fat residue you saw on the ground. More importantly, you noticed the huge swarms of flies buzzing around the entrance way. For those of you who have lived in the small town mid-west, we all know that where there are cows…there are flies and lots of them.

Walking inside you immediately notice the temperature change. It is rather cold on the processing side of the plant. So you are walking from the heat of summer into the cold of the plant day in and day out. Quite often, people subjected to these conditions get sick with a cold. Normally, you would think that should not be a problem…just call-in sick, right? Not for many of these workers. Most of these workers are going from paycheck to paycheck just pay the bills and feed their families, so one day or more short on a check is devastating. Many of them force themselves to go into work. Imagine going to work at a meat processing plant, having a cold,  having to wear all the protective gear which included gloves, and being covered in meat and meat fat. Can someone hand me a tissue?

Anyway, I know some of you are saying…where are the inspectors? Where is the quality control? Where are the safety measure? Listen, the company was concerned with everyone coming to work so if the line broke down again there would be enough hands to “hand pull” the line. As for quality control, they are much more concerned that the cuts are being performed properly and you are filling your quota. OK, so where is the FDA? Hmm, I am not sure, I only saw them once or twice during my time there.

As for the “kill floor”, there are a number of people I knew that worked as or around what they call the “knockers”. These are the guys that actually do the killing of the cows…one by one. Did you know that most of these “knockers” have to go through psychological treatment due to what their job entails? I never hear about anyone helping them. It is not their fault that they landed in that position. Again, they are just trying to feed their families.

Seriously, before you go throwing stories around the internet that have no basis in fact, are only theory presented as truth, or have some merit, look a little closer to home to the things we can make a difference with right now. Before you go throwing around opinions that it is cruel to even work in a facility such as this, remember all of the families that rely on the income from those plants in areas where there is few other places to find work. There is plenty out there to change. It is all up to us.


——— Erik Sudberg





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