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Bilderberg and My Condo in the Moon

Now here is a subject that I just love to talk about. Apparently, so do millions of citizens of the world. I am speaking of secret societies.

I suppose they really are not secret if anyone is talking about them. In the case of Bilderberg, we even know the attendees.

The secret, of course, is not that these types of organizations exist. The secret is what exactly they have control over. What do they actually talk about in their meetings? Do they use these platforms to exchange information with other people of similar position around the world as has been explained by the heads of the Bilderberg group? Is it one big group hug session for the leaders of media, banking and politics? Someone find me a tissue…

Seriously, if you think this group gets together to plot world domination, I would say that I believe you are straying a little too far from the apple cart. If you were to say that they are planning a one world government, I would say you are getting much, much warmer. You simply cannot get this many influential people together in one place and not have deals struck. This same scenario happens in business at every level. If you were to take the main management of the three leading companies in any field in a particular state and give them all an expense paid vacation to the Netherlands for a “meeting of like minds”, you better believe they will each come out of that meeting with a portion of that state. That is business, gentleman. Do not insult my intelligence by saying it is anything else but just that. The fact that these people are some of the most influential and powerful people in some of the most powerful and potentially controlling industries in the world, makes this a potentially very dangerous affair indeed.

Now, I can completely understand people’s dislike of an organization such as Bilderberg. I also believe that they, as leaders of our countries, should make fully public what is said during these meetings. How fast can they fake a document? Well, you know what I mean.  I also do not have favorable opinions of many of these attendees.

In fact, I have the sneaking suspicion that some of them are snakes….er lizards…what was that David Icke said again? That’s right, Mr. Icke said…they are part of a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood that controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie. Huh? OK, I can understand you not liking George W. Bush, but advanced alien lizard human hybrid? Seriously, he has trouble forming a sentence. Kris Kristofferson? Boxcar Willie? What? Boxcar Willie? He was the country singer that basically started the success of Branson, MO. I wonder what his first cousin Tommy Lee Jones has to say about that. Seriously David, you have gone a long way past your days at the Leicester Advertiser (sports reporter, right?). In fact, it seems like you have departed this reality with those evil reptilians in your mind. Do you really not like their policies,decisions, and world controlling moves enough that you are going to proclaim them as evil reptiles from planet Z (ok, I know Mr. Icke didn’t say anything about planet Z), but if you believe this evil reptile story, I have a condo to sell you in the hollow moon….what? Mr. Icke said the moon really is hollow? Sigh…I think my medulla oblongata is about to explode…but let me return from planet Z here…hey Dave, can you hit the transporter?

What we are talking about here is not evil reptiles. We are talking about potentially evil humans…humans with great power and influence controlling matters of state that affect the common person on a daily basis. That…is something to stand against. That is something to be concerned about. That is what we as citizens of the world should be exposing. All of the views of extremism, in this regard, take the limelight off of what is really going on. The governments know this, so they continue to make their groups and decide the worlds fate behind closed doors.

Is there anyone out there that thinks this is alright?

——- Erik Sudberg


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I am just a citizen of the world expressing opinions about a world that is in dire need of change.


One thought on “Bilderberg and My Condo in the Moon

  1. I found this article very interesting. I know it is written in the Bible about the 10 kings and the beast etc. If people would care to know about there being 10 kings (not just by biblical meaning of king) in control of world affairs which affect each and every one of us, there would be more interest in “Just what is going on in these secret meetings?” I agree that what is said at these meetings, or at the very least, what topics have been discussed should be revealed. But then, thier secret meetings wouldn’t be secret anymore would they? What can we do about it? What would we do as humans?
    Anybody got any ideas on the subject? Later, Doreen

    Posted by Doreen Smith | February 23, 2011, 1:05 pm

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