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Conspiracy Theory

Psy-Ops and the War for our Minds

Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone Magazine broke the most recent story in the continuing saga of military or government psychological operations. What makes this story different, is that the alleged operation took place on Americans…U.S. Senators and Representatives, to be exact.

The claim is that three star general Lt. Gen. William Caldwell directly ordered this operation in order to increase funding and troop numbers for the war in Afghanistan. Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes was the apparent whistle-blower. If he plays his cards right, I heard there is a new position open in WikiLeaks. What is Julian’s number again?

The American public just loves this topic. Why? It is because it is a sensational story about government corruption. They also know that psychological operations like this are commonplace. They wonder what is being done to them. Should they don an aluminum hat like Joaquin Phoenix in the movie “Signs”?

The funny thing about mind control is that rarely does anyone consider the possibility of disinformation. Rarely does anyone consider the validity of any particular story. I am not discounting the possibility that this particular story is correct. I am saying that we must consider motive and source whenever reading a story such as this. In this case, the alleged psychological operation took place in order to increase funding and troop numbers in Afghanistan. If you were to do your homework, you would know that funding and troop number increases have been consistent over the years in Afghanistan. The Obama Administration has been consistent in that regard. Hmmm, does this mean the US Army is controlling the Obama Administration? What is the likelihood that a Lt. Colonel in the US Army involved in Psy-Ops would “come out” in this regard and report his story to Rolling Stone Magazine? Should we trust everything that this man states just because we are keen to every possibility of governmental control or paranormal governmental control potential on the American public or any other public? Does this make his story automatically correct? Do our fears dictate what we believe?

As we know, funding and troop increases to Afghanistan have been commonplace. If you need proof of this, take a look at this document (http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/R40682.pdf). There are those that would take this information and weave it into a validation of the psychological operations success. Furthermore contributing to the overall conspiracy theory. Further confusing the matter. Consider this…the larger this story gets, the more the troop increases become “not the fault” of the current Administration. Do you really think that, if this story turns out to be true, that the troop increases are going to stop at this point? C’mon now…really. Consider that a story like this actually turns the focus off of the actual troop increases onto one of government control and conspiracy.

Another matter that we must consider is that this information is allegedly coming from a Lt. Colonel in the US Army actively involved in Psy-Ops activities. How fast can you say “political spin potential”?

Again, I am not saying that this story cannot be true. I am saying that we must look at all of the facts and ask all of the correct questions before we begin to yell “Conspiracy!”.


——- Erik Sudberg


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One thought on “Psy-Ops and the War for our Minds

  1. I’m in agreement with you, Erik~all news I hear very lately is all filtered through that little grain of salt 🙂

    Posted by Lisette Parker | February 24, 2011, 10:48 am

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