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Tribeca Film Festival 2011: The Window to Our Souls

In a world of flashy, big budget, 3D superstar action movies, it is sure nice to see that those at the Tribeca Film Festival and Tribeca Films have preserved a true form of movie making. They have preserved the soul and they do this each in their own unique ways.

“American Mystic”, directed by Alex Mar (http://americanmysticthemovie.com), is a documentary that chronicles a few highly different spiritual paths of people…how they view their spirituality…and why they believe what they believe. It is a chronicle of minds looking for that spiritual meaning within themselves.

“Road, Movie”, directed by Dav Benegal (http://roadmoviethefilm.com), an epic life learning journey of a man leaving his allotted life behind and eventually finding himself and all that is important to him.

“Metropia”, directed by Tarik Saleh (http://metropiathemovie.com), a dark and artful rant into global conspiracy through the mind of the individual…the inner voice and the desire to break free.

From the same inspiration of Tribeca and co-starring Robert DeNiro comes “Limitless”, directed by Neil Burger (http://www.iamrogue.com/limitless), a film about an unsuccessful writer whose life is transformed by a “top-secret” smart drug that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become the perfect version of himself. The questions are, of course, what happens when someone goes from using 20% to 100% of their brain in an instant? What do they attract? What do they become?

From Omar Rodriguez Lopez (of The Mars Volta fame) and Tribeca comes “The Sentimental Engine Slayer” (http://www.tribecafilm.com/festival/news-views/QA_The_Sentimental_Engine_Slayer.html), a dark acid dream rant into the psyche in order to attain peace for himself.

Even the comedies highlighted in this years Tribeca Film Festival garner attention not only for their humor, but for their socio-explorations into the practical human mind. ” The Trotsky”, directed by Jacob Tierney (http://thetrotskymovie.com) & “the Infidel”, directed by Dave Baddiel (http://infidelmovie.com). There are spiritual undertones to all. You actually feel like the film makers are speaking to you from behind the curtain, not from experience, but from their soul.

Check out these movies when you can…and thank you Tribeca for the view through the windows of our very own souls.


———– Erik Sudberg



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