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Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Deepak Chopra and the Arguments to Nowhere

Richard Dawkins

We live in a world today where people enjoy being the pinnacle of intelligence. The bully around their circles posturing themselves as the spokespeople for their faiths or lack thereof. It does not matter if that faith or belief is that of atheists such as Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. It does not matter if this faith is that of Pope Benedict or Deepak Chopra.

Harris and Dawkins have proclaimed that many of the worlds religions hold a stance that their religion is the only correct belief. This is true. This is, however, a strange proclamation to make from two men that are also proclaiming to be the pinnacle of their “followed” belief systems.

They also label this upon religion as a condemnation against religion itself…that they believe religion is dangerous and caters only to the ignorant.  Ignorant? They believe religion is ignorant solely because it lacks scientific reason or proof.  Interesting notion. The last time I looked, science has not yet begun to scratch the surface of total universal understanding. Basically, Dawkins and Harris consistently look to proven scientific fact to tell us not only what the world is, but also what the scientific probabilities are for everything that has yet to be proven or falsified. This seems like a contradiction in itself. It seems as though they are making their own theory based on their knowledge for things not yet scientifically proven. They would make the argument that they are basing their theory on scientific fact which may be true, but they are still taking a leap past their scientific fact to make these theories.

Sam Harris

I recently watched a video of Richard Dawkins at UC Berkeley in which he produced his scale of Religiosity. A Scale of 1 to 7 in which 1= I know there is a God and 7= I know there is no God. 4 being a 50/50 chance of God’s existence. He pronounced himself as being a 6. Why would he do this? It is because there is no proof that God does not exist. He does not want to engage in this argument. It is an argument that he cannot win. For a man who wrote the book called The God Delusion, it seems strange that he would lay the burden of proof on the one who believes in God. That book sure sounded like a proclamation to me. Perhaps, the burden of proof of whether God exists or not should then lie on Mr. Dawkins. Is this not the proper scientific etiquette? Maybe Mr Dawkins would then re-title his book…God is My Delusion. Watch this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlZtEjtlirc&feature=related)

There are many things spiritual or otherwise that are in existence that this worlds science have not yet discovered. Certainly, there are also many flaws in the current scientific belief. One day, science will find those flaws. To think that we are now sitting within the pinnacle of universal knowledge is not only egotistical, but it is of the same ignorance that Dawkins and Harris claim against religion.

Now, let us get into the other side. Deepak Chopra has been the most seen and heard person on what some would call the side of Spirituality. He has actively debated with the likes of Harris and Dawkins. If Deepak Chopra were the spiritual man that he says he is, then he would not argue at all. For those of you who cannot believe I just said that, get that surprised look off your face and just listen for a moment. Dawkins and Harris, as

Deepak Chopra

spiritually diluted that they are, are very intelligent and articulate men. They know a great deal about the world of today. They can and do teach a great many people very good information. One thing you have to understand about people like Dawkins and Harris, is that they live within a concrete, “in-your-face”  reality. They see nothing beyond what is proven or scientific possibility. Understanding where they are coming from…why would you venture to argue with these men that obviously hold no credit to anything beyond what their science proves?

Mr. Chopra also makes current and constant positive change within people’s lives, but just like Dawkins, Harris, Bob in the house down the street, and myself…is not the pinnacle of knowledge. I grow very tired of the scientific and spiritual community for giving birth to people of incurable ego.

Wait…wait…just wait one minute Erik. Then what is it that you believe in? Are you just walking the middle ground?

My collective belief is the knowledge I hold true…scientifically proven by this world or otherwise. I will continue to change lives through the work that I do on a daily basis. That is what I do. Organized religion falls short of the assistance to man in the totality that it was intended to provide. Science only secures proof for a very limited portion of existence. Spirituality provides an all important binder that holds everything together. How do I know this?

Well, simply put…I have faith. I have seen my validations as concrete as the science of Dawkins…not through my ignorance, but through my own life long trials of what is and what is not…what can be proven and what cannot. I cannot provide you with my validations as if they are yours. You have to be constantly aware of your own validations.  I have seen the change in people…seen the validations brought to myself and others on numerous occasions. I am not going to wait for the science of Dawkins to catch up to those truths nor am I going to put this into a Chopra filter for him to dictate what I know…what I am…nor should you.

—– Erik Sudberg


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6 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Deepak Chopra and the Arguments to Nowhere

  1. “two men that are also proclaiming to be the pinnacle of their “followed” belief systems”

    I have NEVER heard either of these two make any claim that comes even close to justifying that statement. I strongly suspect that you are blatantly lying and have never read any such statement either. Do you have a citation? I think not.

    Posted by Hensatri | March 6, 2011, 12:28 am
  2. So no, you cannot cite where you read this.

    Look if you dont like their attitude then say so, but they have never, once, EVER claimed what you say they have claimed. Are you just blatantly lieing?

    How can you expect respect when you make things up? I am not just picking on you to be mean. Give me one quote or citation where any of these man have claimed what you say they claimed and I will admit you are right. If you are ok with fabricating information then I am afraid I can spend no more time on you.

    Posted by Hensatri | March 7, 2011, 9:16 pm
    • These two men consistently berate anyone who stands opposite their beliefs. Their ego and self-absorption is beyond any moral ground. It is their stance, not their attitude. Of course, they are free to believe what they want. What they don’t have a right to do is slam their belief down a persons throat then set fire to them with their rhetoric. That is someone who thinks they are the pinnacle of knowledge. That is a proclamation. They have done this over and over again. If a murderer never proclaims to be a murderer, are they still a murderer? Really now, Hensatri. You have to see my point.
      Thank you again for your comments…I enjoy discussing this with you.

      Posted by thetumultuoustimes | March 8, 2011, 8:29 am
  3. I find it strange that you think the burden of proof shouldn’t be on those who claim the existence of God. You can’t prove a negative! Rational Atheists say there is insufficient evidence to justify belief in a God (but given sufficient evidence, they would change their mind). There’s no justification for nonbelief in leprechauns or the god Thor! The burden of proof is on the one making the claim! Dawkins puts himself at a 6 because a 7 would be claiming that there is no God, and at that point he would become a dogmatist (when you’re 100% sure your belief is true and wouldn’t ever change your mind).
    Deepak does not help people. Maybe they feel better, but he claims they can be healed and immune to aging with his quantum quackery! That’s a fail and it gives false hope to sick people. He knows what he’s doing, he’s a con man who incoherently strings together scientific words with sprinkles of spirituality to make nonsense.

    Posted by Katie | October 30, 2013, 9:52 pm
    • Strange? You cannot disprove the existence of God, so what exactly is your argument? Rational Atheists? I don’t think I have ever met a rational atheist including yourself. Maybe you dream of leprechauns or Thor because your parents told you the was no Santa Claus at a very young age and it stole your ability to have faith in anything that your eyes do not see. You see, some people have 100% faith and will not change their mind. Why should they? This just proves the fact that Richard Dawkins is a pseudo-intellectual that is too afraid to commit. I am not a follower of Chopra by any means, but who am I to tell people they are being tricked by someone who has made some kind of change for the better in their life. I guess you and Richard Dawkins Pseudo-Intellectual club will, but I will not. Do you think that somewhere in your mind that you are the savior of some lesser intelligent soles on this earth that choose some kind of spiritual path? In your way of thinking, Science does not include faith in anything that is empirically unproven. In fact, even theories are novel until proven. So tell me what this has to do with faith. And before your lips form the word “nothing”, I will tell you that you should not even be in this argument in the first place because there is no room for minds as small as yours.
      – I have taken over the Tumultuous Times from its original owner.
      My name is X
      Good Day.

      Posted by thetumultuoustimes | July 23, 2014, 7:51 pm

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