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Is it Time for the Apocalypse Yet?

By now, we all know in part the level of devastation that the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Japan has caused. It has become known as the largest magnitude earthquake in recorded history in Japan and the fifth largest earthquake worldwide since 1900. In the 24 hours before the quake in Japan, China also saw an earthquake above a magnitude of 5 claim the lives of approximately 25 people. In the 24 hours after the earthquake in Japan, the American state of Hawaii also felt the earth shake with quakes approaching the magnitude of 5. Hundreds of aftershocks have been recorded since the initial Japanese event. The aftershocks on average between a magnitude of 5 and 6. The Japanese earthquake was 8,000 times stronger than the one that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand.

At last count, approximately 550 known dead and many more still missing or trapped. Japan’s nuclear complex has been shaken as they have declared a state of emergency at several of their facilities. The most serious of the emergencies is found at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station reactor number 1. The reactor lost cooling capabilities and the pressure was rising. With supplies airlifted in, Japanese authorities have said that the pressure levels and radioactive levels in the control room of reactor 1 and the immediate area around the reactor are actually falling even after an explosion that rocked the facility destroyed the entire building around the encased reactor.  Many other watchdog groups around the world question the validity of these statements. Even with the news of the falling levels of radioactivity, the circumference of the evacuation area around the reactors seems to be increasing. Authorities have also distributed iodine to the local area. Iodine can be used to help protect the body from radioactive exposure.

The resulting tsunami has been blamed for at least one death as far away as the United States where one man was swept out to sea off the northern coast of California. He has yet to be found.

Enormous relief efforts are already underway. This is a time for the world to act in unity for all of our brothers and sisters affected in any way by this tragic disaster. We must then also come together and find a way to improve our readiness for situations such as these throughout the world. It is time to be strong as a world collective.

In these times, and with the approaching year of 2012, there will be many people claiming that this is a major signification of the beginning of the end. The doom and gloom prophesies will be many. Doom and gloom often make for the biggest news stories.

Is this a problem with the human psyche? Is this a problem with society? Is it just easier to accept the negative over the positive? Do we really need to see the suffering of others to understand that our lives can be…well…not as bad? Yes, that would be an unholy pessimistic point of view, but think about that for a minute. Many people do not even watch the news because they see all the news as bad news. The ones that watch the news religiously, seem to feed off all the negative issues we can create. They can use this as an influence for them to change in a positive way or assist in helping others, or they can use this to fuel their already (what they would call “realistic”) pessimistic point of view and painfully reactionary lives.

The Earth will continue on geologically just as we do physically. The Earth is within a constant state of change. Sometimes, the Earth changes in a way that affects millions in one swoop. We are but residents on another living being…the glorious Earth. We sit here trying to assign some greater meaning to the disasters of our world. We sit and try to draw parallels between ancient cultures predictions and religious texts of centuries ago to what is occurring now. They are guesses. They are all guesses.

My concern is that people seem so transfixed on the idea of the apocalypse as if it has some kind of twisted appeal to them. Think about it this way for a moment…if you were able to create the world you wanted just by thinking it, would you go around screaming the apocalypse is coming? If you are one with the belief that we can change the world by thinking, then what exactly are you creating by perpetuating that notion? If you are not in agreement that you can change the world by merely thinking, then what benefit do you see in creating that expectation within you? Negative…negative…negative. It simply makes no sense.The Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami is no more of an excuse for your negativity then your own inability to be positive about yourself.

The next time someone comes up to you talking about the coming apocalypse, the 2012 disaster, and judgment day…do me a favor….put your finger in front of your lips and say “shhhhhhh”, then smile and give them a kiss for me.

——- Erik Sudberg


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One thought on “Is it Time for the Apocalypse Yet?

  1. hear hear!!

    Posted by catherine | March 12, 2011, 7:26 pm

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