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Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson, and Drugs that Kill

Michael Jackson & Conrad Murray (photo from Getty Images)

It was the early 90’s when I was at the Mirage Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV. My guest and I were, like everyone else, searching for the machine that would give us money not take all of it. As we were walking through one one the mazes of machines, along came a man wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a coat that covered his rather thin, short of stature body. What struck me as different about him was that he was running through the casino. About the time I realized who it was, he bumped into my guest, said excuse me quietly, and continued running through the casino now followed by his equally short but stocky body guard. What struck my guest about the encounter was that he felt rather frail. I believe what she said “it was like you could breathe and knock him over”.

By now, the laundry list of medications that were prescribed to Michael Jackson are well known. I don’t feel it necessary to go over all of that information now. Have some respect. My point to all of this is that people must realize that you cannot blame the entirety of Michael Jackson’s health issues on Conrad Murray. Now before all of you Michael Jackson fans begin to nail me to the stake…just listen. I believe that justice (so far) has been served as we have recently learned that Conrad Murray was guilty of manslaughter. To think that a doctor would not be able to pay enough attention to how much medication he is giving, just “go to” the bathroom, and return to find his patient dead…is ludicrous, terrible, inexcusable…criminal. Although, I do believe that there is much left to the story.

When you consider the last years of Michael Jackson’s life, it wasn’t exactly controversy or health issue free. There were a lot of serious issues along the way. Issues that we will never know the total truth about, but is this really our business now? Even though Michael was looking forward to another major tour before he died, he was by all other accounts on a medical cocktail road to nowhere at the same time. The Michael Jackson machine that had burned so bright for so many years was going into maximum overdrive. Even after his death, the machine rolls on. That machine is what Michael was caught up in ever since he was a child. In fact, the argument could be made he never had the chance to be a child. Is this why he created Neverland Ranch? Is this why he was always in the news with children around him? What exactly does that do to a young man’s psyche? I can confidently tell you this…nobody will ever know just what Michael went through as a person. In my opinion, he outwardly showed through his music, dance, and his general life not only how he wanted to change the world, but how it looked through his eyes…a child’s eyes. Well…nobody can keep him medicated now to ensure that the live Michael Jackson machine continues on because he is gone. He is gone because of the ineptitude of a doctor, a life, and that laundry list of drugs that already made him frail.

So, what would you do if you missed your entire childhood? Well, if you had the money, just create it.

Michael Jackson, whether you consider him to be a sad story, an oddball, or the greatest entertainer of all time…will be missed by many.

~Erik Sudberg

See the video below.


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