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A Salute to Our Veterans

To all Service men and women: We the people…salute you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you for your bravery, sacrifice, and strength. 

Forgive me for the unbelievably long tag list above, but I did not want to list all of these conflicts within the text of this post. At the same time, I wanted to convey the incredible number of conflicts in which U.S. soldiers have been a part in.  I also wanted to point out that this is a short list which does not show many expeditions in which U.S. soldiers also were a part of.

I am a patriot. No, I do not like war. I do not like war especially for the wrong reasons. I believe that a majority of the active military men and women along with a majority of the vets would agree with those statements. The world is full of potential danger. We simply have not progressed to the point of a Shangri-La world of peace. Therefore, we need the protectors. We also must make sure that those protectors are never forgotten in this new world of anti-war and anti-government sentiment. We must never vilify the soldier because the soldiers are just like us. Just like they protect our borders, they also protect your ability to speak up or out about anything you want including war. Just like us, there are those within their ranks that agree and disagree with past or current administrative branch decisions, yet they are there to perform a task and they do it well.

In many people’s disagreement with political foreign policy, we seem to forget the true men and women who are caught in the middle. They become lost…unknown. So, then it is fitting that on this day we honor those lost in battle at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Please view the video below.

~ Erik Sudberg


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