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Manny Pacquiao, Junior Dos Santos, and How this Elephant got in my Living Room


For all people who can consider themselves to be sports fans, there are several different types of fans. You have the fair weather fans, the die-hard fans, the pure fans of certain sports, the team sport fan, the individual sport fan, just to name a few. Throughout those divisions, there are fans that enjoy seeing their favorite team or individual crush the living daylights out of their opponent. They like the no-contest match when it is in their favor. The further away from losing that their  team or favorite individual is the better. In fact, the general feeling is that if their favorite team or individual wins a crushing victory, it shows how dominating their favorites really are.

I remember coaching Little League for several years. After each game, we would line up to the other team, shake hands, and tell everyone “Good Game”. This was whether you won or lost. This was good sportsmanship. Of course, as an adult, you normally not forced to tell your opponent “Good Game”. It is also rare to see a true die-hard sports fan exclaim “Good Game” when either their team lost, or their team completely crushed the other one.

Whatever happened to enjoying the actual sport? Somehow I think we have turned into a society where teams represent the normal person. My Bears….My Cubs….My Bulls…whatever. I wish they were my teams, but they aren’t.

Every year we watch many team and individual sports on TV free to the masses. Every once in a while something big comes across your TV sets. I speak of the Pay-Per-View Event. On Saturday, November 12th, 2011 Manny Pacquiao defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in a 12 round split decision. It was a great fight for all I could tell from watching the play by play on verbal blog updates. You see, I did not watch it because it cost $65 on Pay-Per-View. So, I will watch the free recast. Earlier that same evening, the UFC on Fox presented Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Title for free. Don’t get excited, they do not intend to do this all the time. Obviously, they are trying to drudge up more interest in the sport so more people pay to watch…you guessed it…their pay-per-views. The interesting thing about the Dos Santos fight was that it was over in one minute and four seconds. Dos Santos was crowned the new champion in a stunning defeat of a man who not long ago beat UFC bruiser Brock Lesnar for the same title. Now, all of the aforementioned athletes are quite amazing individuals at the pinnacle of their form. However, if I am going to pay money to go see a sporting match, I want to see a great, long, knock-down, drag-out, war. I do not want to see a minute and four seconds. Yes, I know most of the time there are other matches on the card. Let’s face it, the draw and what everyone comes to see is the main event.

Baseball, Basketball, and Football games average about three hours in length. That’s three hours of entertainment generally for free unless you are there in person compared to the potential one minute affair and a $65 pay-per-view charge. Think of it this way; You invited people over for the big fight. You are in your kitchen getting everyone drinks as the match starts and by the time you sit down, the match is over. Not only did you not see it, but who in the hell is gonna eat all of these cheese and crackers? I know the spectacle is much better in person than on TV, but I sure would be upset if I had to get all dressed up, drive down to an event, park in a sea of cars, wade through the masses, buy a hundred million dollars worth of refreshments waiting for the main event and it lasted for one minute.

Some say that this is the nature of Boxing and MMA. You just never know when that knockout can happen. Maybe so, but it sure doesn’t mean I have to pay for it. I would rather buy a $20 baseball ticket and watch a three hour contest. I guess there is something here called getting your monies worth. Are you the kind of person that would buy an advertised twelve pound ham for $20 if you knew before hand that it may turn out to be only a four pound ham for the same price? Oddly enough, I guess some of you just might.

So, here is the elephant. All of what I mention here is quite obvious but often overlooked because of the hype generated around these events. I like Boxing. I enjoy MMA. I also enjoy getting my monies worth. Some things just are not possible all the time with any sport. Certain sports, however, have a much better return than others. I will stick with those as my personal favorites. You keep the cheese and crackers.


~Erik Sudberg



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