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SOPA, Pirate Cats, and Government Control

We are not talking about the Latin soup creation. We are talking about a government proposed act which would allow the U.S. government wide, sweeping control over the internet not only within the United States, but outside the U.S. as well. It is designed to make allegedly copyright-infringing Web sites, sometimes called “rogue” Web sites, virtually disappear from the Internet.This is a move applauded by Hollywood and the music industry alike. They, of course, are looking at the end result only and not the proper means by which to get there. I understand there are rouge websites that need to be attended to. What you have to understand is that the government is using this excuse to attempt to gain unprecedented control over the internet thus putting many legitimate companies, jobs, and livelihoods in danger.  Just who are the pirates here? I think it is rather funny really. I view this governmental attempt as humorous as the picture to the left. Uh Oh, the big bad pirate kitty (yes, our government) is trying to control the internet. Well, what they are effectively trying to do is hijack complete control of the internet. That is a pirate in my book. Did they really think they could put one over on the people or the tech community? I am pretty sure the tech community is not afraid of the big bad pirate kitty.

Maybe we should explain all of this more as there is a lot of information circulating about the “Stop Online Piracy Act”. All one has to do really is raise the censorship or governmental control flag and millions of people will immediately hop on the bandwagon. Of course, it is important to know exactly why so many people and companies vehemently oppose this act. Without the proper information or with only partial information, it is hard to understand why killing this act is so important. Without the proper information, it is hard to understand why so many companies such as eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Wikimedia, Twitter, Zynga (and many more) stand firmly against this act. Please view the video below for more detailed information.

Thank you http://solidgadget.com for the above video.

It should stand as pretty obvious now as to why we all need to be up in arms about this act. It should be amazingly clear now why we need to kill this act. It should furthermore be totally apparent as to why the government should include the above listed companies in any future creation or variation of this bill. If you think a little deeper about this whole topic, you will see that if this act is approved, it would give the government control over internet communication which stands in opposition to what they feel is in the governments interests. If approved, this act could transform down the road to be a perfect killing machine to organized, peaceful protests. Does that seem like an odd correlation? Lately, we have seen the systematic destruction of our freedom of speech through the killing of the Occupy Movement. Now, through this act, they wish to have full legal control over domains on the internet. Just where do you think an act like that is leading? The United States constitution explicitly provides for ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances'” in the First Amendment. Wait, I don’t see where it says “unless it’s in our city parks” or “unless you stir up anti-government sentiment by using the internet”. I really do not want to hear that the government has only haphazardly put together a bill that unknowingly to them causes havoc throughout the internet community. It was proposed not only to combat rouge websites, but for its future potential in controlling the internet itself. Anyone out there who doesn’t understand this needs to wake up.

How do we fight it? By using exactly what they ultimately want to limit…our voice on the internet. So, this is a call to Tech’s, bloggers, social media mavens, and anyone in the concerned public to speak up.

For the sake of our freedom and livelihoods, KILL SOPA.

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~Erik Sudberg


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