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Natalie Wood, Dennis Davern, Robert Wagner, and 30th Anniversary Book Sales

Former Captain of the "Splendour" ~ Dennis Davern

Now, who does not like a good ole controversy? I mean the type of controversy that ended in the death of a beloved and extremely accomplished actress. A controversy that was supposed to be solved in an accidental death thirty years ago by the authorities, but now by the grace of God (or some publisher out there) it has re-opened. By now thousands of pictures of Natalie Wood are flooding he internet. All people who thought this death not just tragic, but something that didn’t add up, are now back on the bandwagon. All those adoring fans of Natalie Wood are also now gladly back up in arms.

Before everyone gets excited here, may I say that the recent events regarding the Natalie Wood case seem to stir up more questions than definitive answers. I understand that Dennis Davern (former Captain of the “Splendour”), first came out to author Marti Rulli about his (now true) account of what happened thirty years ago. Marti Rulli’s first book entitled”Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour” documents these accounts as seen through Dennis Danvers eyes (well “thirty years older” eyes anyway). Check out the hype regarding this book at Marti Rulli’s blog site:  http://martirulli.blogspot.com/

Wait just a second here. This is the same Marti Rulli that will be co-authoring a book for release this year chronicling the Caylee Anthony story…right? I am all for getting down to the truth of this or any story, but where is the respect? Some would cry “Opportunists!” I am not so sure I would not be right there with them. If you are the detailed kind of person, you will notice on Marti Rulli’s blog that she also has ties to Tommy Lightfoot Garrett, a Hollywood publicist who has his fair share of legal battles. Check out these links for more information on that (15 Forgery Counts  & Guilty of Reduced Charge ). It is sure starting to look like a bunch of controversy sharks circling in the water right about now.

Robert Wagner

Ok, let’s assume that Dennis Davern is telling the complete truth this time. What than? Well, it would be one of the biggest Hollywood stories since the Tate/La Bianca murders. If he was telling the truth, then Robert Wagner would potentially be facing a prison term. In fact, if that were true, Dennis Davern himself should also be facing time for lying on official reports. If it were true what Dennis Davern was saying, then wow, that book would sell I tell you (Any of that going to the estate of Natalie Wood?).

What if the new story of Dennis Davern was a complete farce? Well, then Dennis Davern would also be looking at time behind bars for lying and the book would still sell like hot cakes because Hollywood loves controversy and the world loves a Hollywood controversy.Some would say that it is more of a reason to believe Dennis Davern now because he is looking at charges either way. The way I see it, who cares about serving time for perjury, if you are about to be a best seller.

They claim this new information coincidentally came out on the 30th Anniversary of Natalie Wood’s death. They claim that it took all these years to cross-check and verify information. Please…does anyone really believe that? I think it is a true shame that they have dredged this story through the media. Can anyone please just let Natalie Wood rest? If the authorities see it fit to re-open the case then so be it. I am sure they have good reason to. Yet, I also believe that since the case is re-opened and that there is a potential for courtroom drama down the road, that those same authorities should disallow sales of the above book by Marti Rulli until the legal process is complete.

Christopher Walken in "Brainstorm"

I still feel like we are missing something here. Ah, that’s right, Christopher Walken. The co-star of Brainstorm with Natalie Wood was supposed to be in a heated argument with Robert Wagner the night of her death. As the story goes, Natalie left the scene of the argument and eventually accidentally fell off the boat, striking her head on a dingy and drowning without anyone hearing a thing or simply wondering where Natalie was. Strange…yes. Unheard of…no. You have to wonder what Christopher to the left here is thinking. What memory of that night is locked up in his head? I, for one, would love to hear his current account of that evening.

There are a lot of questions to be answered here. As with everything coming out of Hollywood, however, nothing is straight forward…nothing is as it seems.

You know what? It seems like with all of this controversy, conspiracy, and talk of thirty year old cover-ups we forgot about one more thing.

Natalie Wood 1938-1981 Rest In Peace

~ Erik Sudberg


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