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Justice Served? Conrad Murray Sentenced to Max Term

Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Murray has just been sentenced to a maximum term sentence of four years to be served in the LA County Jail.

This would seem to close a chapter in one of the biggest tragedies to hit the entertainment world this century. Whether or not Michael Jackson was a contributing factor in his own demise, it was Dr. Murray’s responsibility to take care of the ailing pop star who arguably could not do so completely on his own. I feel the sentence that was carried out today was just.

I do not believe, however, that this closes the book on this tragedy that has touched so many people around the world. We cannot begin to close that book without knowing what led Michael Jackson down that road to illness and addiction. We cannot turn the final page in all of this until we can find out why the medical establishment as a whole failed Michael Jackson and why Michael Jackson suffered so.

We may never be able to answer some of these questions in totality. This is the nature of a true tragedy. There are so many questions left over. They cause a rift. A giant empty space. We are left then to come to terms with all of this on our own….to answer our own questions. The most important question of all being “Why?”

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~ Erik Sudberg


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