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Political Cartoons: A Look at Obama & GOP Candidates


Let’s take a fun look at some recent political cartoons. Hey, it is good to laugh once in a while…What do you think makes political cartoons so funny? I think it is because they touch on the feelings of the public. So, in a sense, it makes their humor biting and true albeit exaggerated. So, here goes…

You have to admit that this cartoon to the left is rather humorous, yet aggravating at the same time because it’s this type of cartoon that comes out with every election. C’mon people, where are we finding these people?



This terribly funny cartoon says volumes. What was that movie they made a while back? Manchurian…it must have slipped my mind.





Here is one of those political cartoons that makes everyone laugh a little…sigh…then say “Yep.”





I would not want to leave President Obama out of this mix. Boy oh boy, this almost says 50% of his problems.




I hope you enjoyed my first political cartoon post. There will be more to come in the future. Thank you to all of the editorial cartoonists of the world. I have never met someone who was adept at making someone laugh and tick them off at the same time. Thank God for the lot of them.

~Erik Sudberg



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One thought on “Political Cartoons: A Look at Obama & GOP Candidates

  1. LOL!

    Posted by Katianne Pamela Elliott | November 30, 2011, 8:10 pm

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