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Charles Manson to be Paroled? Um…No

Charles Manson at 77

It looks like Charles Manson is once again up for parole sometime towards the end of this month. His eleven previous attempts at parole failed. Maybe the 12th time is a charm?

The aging symbol of the criminally insane, now 77 years old, will undoubtedly be running on the stance that he is too old to do any harm now. However, it seems that he has not been the model prisoner. He has been reprimanded for having cell phones and weapons in his possession. Even through cell walls, he has been able to reach out and influence people to follow him for various reasons. This is the same behavior that led to the horrible crimes committed by his “family”.

One thing is for certain…Charles Manson’s mind is still at work and just as devious as it was in 1968. It is my opinion that he would start from where he left off as soon as possible after achieving parole. It is a good thing that Charles Manson being denied parole comes with obvious regularity. Maybe the legal system does something correct after all.

~ Erik Sudberg


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