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Hard Boiled Eggs


Ok…let us please get serious here. I just ran across an article ran by the Washington Post (figures) that was titled ” How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs”. Now…besides giving me an instant headache and the instant desire to repeatedly stab myself in my thigh with an ice pick (don’t worry, I stopped).


I am no Einstein. I am just a regular guy, but “how to make hard boiled eggs”? Can you maybe ask someone, “How long do you boil your eggs for”? (he he…sigh). Let’s face it…if you need to ask how to hard boil eggs, you need to check yourself back into your 8th grade home economics class or better yet…just sit down and I will boil the damn eggs for you.

~ Erik Sudberg


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I am just a citizen of the world expressing opinions about a world that is in dire need of change.


2 thoughts on “Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Funny! But hate to admit I bought a package of already cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs at costco. Haha

    Posted by bohemianspiritedmom | April 5, 2012, 9:35 pm

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