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Perez Hilton: Flame On = Expert?

Perez Hilton


I get it. Really I do.

People like gossip. People especially like gossip about their favorite or not so favorite stars and Perez Hilton provides that service to them much like TMZ.

Before you start thinking that I am gay-bashing here, stop right there. I could care less if Perez Hilton is gay. What I care about is his over the top flamboyance somehow makes him an expert in gossip, fashion, style, life, etc.When did this happen?

Does this make sense to anyone else? I mean…here is a guy who’s blog isn’t even that great. Entertainment news on the spot with Perez musings mixed in for those people who like to follow the flamboyant (flaming rather) because it make them feel more…um…in with the fun crowd or something. I mean, do you really have to be that flaming? Here is a guy who went from a paparazzi blogger nobody to walking the red carpet…and now you cannot hardly watch TV without seeing his face.

Some might say that sounds rather jealous. No.I don’t think so.

I do think that Perez is a shrewd business man…er..yeah man. I do think he MUST have a damn good agent, but you see, I don’t care who Perez Hilton flames around with. I don’t care what his sexual orientation is. I just don’t think he is that damn good.

Enough said.

~ Erik Sudberg


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