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The Occupy Movement, Ramen Noodles, and JP Morgan Chase

I think this video is a good opening for this article. I personally appreciate the Occupy Movement. Someone somewhere has to do something to end corporate greed and the unwavering assistance to the same from our very own governments. Somebody up high somewhere has to see the suffering that all of this has caused the … Continue reading

Oh, Zip It Mozilo

Mr. Angelo R. Mozilo, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of Countrywide Financial stood in front of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission recently stating such gems as (Countrywide Financial) “was one of the most admired companies in America, financial or otherwise” and “probably made a difference in society, in the integrity of our society, … Continue reading

Allstate sues JPMorgan Chase

In the latest information to come out of the business world that will never benefit the common person, Allstate has sued the banking giant JPMorgan Chase for fraud (knowingly selling a poor-quality product in this case). So…the insurance companies and investors who all got on the bandwagon of the false mortgage boom are a little … Continue reading

The Tumultuous Times

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