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ALEC ~ Another Subversive Special Interest

Two major corporations have decided to cut their ties with the conservative bill-writing organization…The American Legislative Exchange Council (or better known by its acronym – ALEC). Both Kraft Foods, Inc. and the Coca-Cola Co. both either discontinued their memberships or let their memberships expire. If your head is already ringing…it gets better. If you are … Continue reading

Natalie Wood, Dennis Davern, Robert Wagner, and 30th Anniversary Book Sales

Now, who does not like a good ole controversy? I mean the type of controversy that ended in the death of a beloved and extremely accomplished actress. A controversy that was supposed to be solved in an accidental death thirty years ago by the authorities, but now by the grace of God (or some publisher … Continue reading

Psy-Ops and the War for our Minds

Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone Magazine broke the most recent story in the continuing saga of military or government psychological operations. What makes this story different, is that the alleged operation took place on Americans…U.S. Senators and Representatives, to be exact. The claim is that three star general Lt. Gen. William Caldwell directly ordered this … Continue reading

Bilderberg and My Condo in the Moon

Now here is a subject that I just love to talk about. Apparently, so do millions of citizens of the world. I am speaking of secret societies. I suppose they really are not secret if anyone is talking about them. In the case of Bilderberg, we even know the attendees. The secret, of course, is … Continue reading

They are Poisoning our Food!

By now, we have all heard the stories of the Government poisoning our food. Stories have ranged from food coloring being poison to the acceptable amount of insects within a box of cereal…to outright claims of deliberate carcinogens and other nasty things being placed in our food for the purpose of population control. I believe … Continue reading

The Tumultuous Times

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