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Dick Clark’s Death: A Day We Thought Would Never Come

In a day that we surely thought would never come, America’s iconic game-show host, radio and television personality, and businessman has passed away at the age of 82 from a massive heart attack¬†while at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, where he was recovering from an outpatient procedure he has last night. The man … Continue reading

Perez Hilton: Flame On = Expert?

  I get it. Really I do. People like gossip. People especially like gossip about their favorite or not so favorite stars and Perez Hilton provides that service to them much like TMZ. Before you start thinking that I am gay-bashing here, stop right there. I could care less if Perez Hilton is gay. What … Continue reading

Party Foul: Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

  It looks as if Amanda Bynes has been attending the Lindsay Lohan School of Disillusioned Career Advancement. The star of film and TV has set up an impressive timeline of career high points rivaled only by her schools’ namesake. From The Amanda Show ( on family friendly Nickelodeon) to such cinematic epics as Love … Continue reading

The Hunger Games & Artful Potential

A recent article by Joal Ryan at eonline.com (http://www.eonline.com/news/five_reasons_hunger_games_will_not_be/301941) entitled “Five Reasons The Hunger Games Will Not Be Bigger Than Harry Potter”¬†seems to have crossed the realm into useless speculative banter by an online entertainment news giant trying to make an editorial splash where there is not one to be made at all. The article … Continue reading

Cutting Edge Music: Portugal. The Man

This is my first post in my Cutting Edge Entertainment Series. In this series, I will showcase those in Entertainment (bands, actors, directors, writers, etc.) that are out there doing their thing that happens to be different from everyone else. The first in the series is an American psychedelic rock band based in Portland, Oregon, … Continue reading

The Tumultuous Times

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