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Does Kevin McCarthy Need a Brain Scan?

Kate Sheppard of the Huffington Post was much too PC in her article entitled “Kevin McCarthy Bashes Obama’s ‘Climate Change Agenda,’ Ignores Link To State’s Severe Drought” posted to the site on July 23rd of 2014. You see, Kevin McCarthy is the current House Majority Whip and soon to be House Majority Leader as of … Continue reading

Dick Clark’s Death: A Day We Thought Would Never Come

In a day that we surely thought would never come, America’s iconic game-show host, radio and television personality, and businessman has passed away at the age of 82 from a massive heart attack while at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, where he was recovering from an outpatient procedure he has last night. The man … Continue reading

Ozzie Guillen’s Big Stupid Mouth

  Time magazine published an interview on its website in which the Marlins skipper said he “loved” Castro. “I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that [expletive] is still here.” What is all the fuss about anyway? He is … Continue reading

Colombia Nevado De Ruiz Volcano on Track Toward Another Eruption

Authorities in Colombia are showing concerns of an imminent eruption at the towering Columbia Nevado De Ruiz volcano. Gas and vapor has been rising periodically from the Nevado de Ruiz volcano since February and the country’s geology institute says people in some areas are reporting “strong odors of sulfur.” As of Friday, no evacuations have … Continue reading

ALEC ~ Another Subversive Special Interest

Two major corporations have decided to cut their ties with the conservative bill-writing organization…The American Legislative Exchange Council (or better known by its acronym – ALEC). Both Kraft Foods, Inc. and the Coca-Cola Co. both either discontinued their memberships or let their memberships expire. If your head is already ringing…it gets better. If you are … Continue reading

Hard Boiled Eggs

  Ok…let us please get serious here. I just ran across an article ran by the Washington Post (figures) that was titled ” How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs”. Now…besides giving me an instant headache and the instant desire to repeatedly stab myself in my thigh with an ice pick (don’t worry, I stopped).   … Continue reading

Charles Manson to be Paroled? Um…No

It looks like Charles Manson is once again up for parole sometime towards the end of this month. His eleven previous attempts at parole failed. Maybe the 12th time is a charm? The aging symbol of the criminally insane, now 77 years old, will undoubtedly be running on the stance that he is too old … Continue reading

Breaking News: 7.4 Earthquake rocks Mexican Capital

  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake stuck central southern Mexico today at 18:02 GMT which is just after noon time. The epicenter was recorded to be in Guerrero and the quake was felt in a wide area including Oaxaca and Mexico City where scared workers flooded into the streets. Mexican … Continue reading

Justice Served? Conrad Murray Sentenced to Max Term

Dr. Conrad Murray has just been sentenced to a maximum term sentence of four years to be served in the LA County Jail. This would seem to close a chapter in one of the biggest tragedies to hit the entertainment world this century. Whether or not Michael Jackson was a contributing factor in his own … Continue reading

A Salute to Our Veterans

To all Service men and women: We the people…salute you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you for your bravery, sacrifice, and strength.  Forgive me for the unbelievably long tag list above, but I did not want to list all of these conflicts within the text of this post. … Continue reading

The Tumultuous Times

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